To The Point:

I believe a Councillors job is to be an active member on City Council and pass by-laws, bring forward motions, balance the budget etc. I also believe it's about serving the people and building a stronger community to tackle the issues all municipalities face. I'm committed to;

  • Ensuring your hard-earned tax paying dollars are put towards services that matter
  • Continue to support and be an active player in the City's current plans and initiatives related to Homelessness and building Affordable Housing
  • Ensuring current by-law standards are maintained and any outdated bylaws are revised to reflect the changing needs of our community in Ajax & Durham Region
  • Looking for new and creative ways to improve, build and grow economic development by supporting small businesses and initiatives
  • Remove the barriers and red tape

Ward 2 in Ajax includes a diverse range of communities and needs. We have neighbourhoods that have been in Ajax since the early days of our city’s history, to brand new neighbourhoods with single-family homes, condominiums & Senior style living. We want to empower all communities so that they can have a clean and green city, a healthy and safe city, and a thriving city.

Empowering Communities

We will to engage with you, listen to your concerns and help find solutions. We are here to help! Whether your concern is related to speeding in your neighbourhood, snow removal, local park improvements, or garbage pickup. We take action and get involved to weed local parks, find housing for the vulnerable, and even cut fallen trees. We go above and beyond to empower you and serve everyone in our community.

A Clean & Green City

Hiring more by-law officers to enforce property standard complaints

Championing a new landlord licensing system to include a code of conduct, comprehensive inspections, and increased fines billed directly to property tax bills

Upgrading playgrounds, parks and trails and working with the community to change attitudes Investments in active transportation, electric bus fleet, tree planting

We are planning to do more!

Support Resident Associations and offer grant funding for local volunteer beautification initiatives.

Utilize property tax billing system for fines related to lodging house and second unit landlords, including raising fines for repeat offences. Implement a lodging house licensing program, including a Landlord Code of Conduct and authorization for comprehensive compliance inspections.

Support property developments that increase housing supply while also decreasing the economic motivations for lodging houses and negligent landlords.

Provide you with even better communications from our office staff so that your issues can be tracked and resolved in a timely manner.

Increased commercial spaces for small businesses

  • Ensure that our residents have easy access to restaurants, recreational activities, mini marts, retail stores, and medical offices within walking distance by allotting spaces to businesses in newer developments
  • These mixed-use communities will also generate local jobs.

Engaged Community

The strength of Ajax is it's people. The ward is culturally vibrant - we just need to better organize that vibrancy and spread the word. I'm committed to leading by;

  • Communicating city and ward programs, services and initiatives more frequently via an active social media presence
  • Ensure constituents are aware of wide range of city services and programs and optimize engagement of those programs etc. i.e. - Free tree planting program
  • Engaging with community organizers and leaders to understand what the needs are and how we can turn those needs into actionable solutions
  • Communicate with constituents by hosting a monthlyAjax town hall to listen to concerns and communicate updates on ward specific and city initiatives in a more relevant quarterly newsletter.

Revitilize & Re-energize

Your home should be your sanctuary, a place you love to go to. Your city and ward should be the same. In this day and age, living in a beautiful community should be a no brainer. Not only does it lift your spirit, but may also increase property values.

I am committed to:

  • Creating beautiful main streets and intersections by incorporating urban design principals, artistic murals representing the diverse cultures and history of our ward
  • Creating a buzz and a vibrant community through ward specific initiatives such as; Ajax Farmers market and Local Cultural Festivals
  • Bringing back the Ajax Cultural Festival
  • Work with current organizations to Revitalize, re-energize and create new community programs and initiatives.
  • Work with business owners and mall owners to diversify businesses available to constituents


The summer months are short and the cost of living keeps increasing. Sometimes, we think jumping on a plane is the solution but, it doesn't have to be. Our public parks should be a place where you can gather, watch a game of competitive softball, play dominoes, use the splash pads, have a picnic, or simply read a book. I believe there is more we can do with our public parks. I'm committed to;

  • Identifying under-utilized park spaces and building a plan to make them usable
  • Work with the local communities and park permit holders to identify what would make our parks better i.e., water fountains, washrooms, table and chairs, better play grounds, and exercise equipment are just a few in my mind
  • Bring more organized and diverse activities into the local parks

Community Safety

I want our children and families to be able to walk the area without fear. Where we know each other and look out for each other. Where community safety is active and where people are active participants. I'm committed to;

  • Facilitating, and maintaining an active Neighbourhood Watch program
  • Working with local police on community engagement events and programs
  • Working with the community to understand current issues and creating a plan to resolve those issues for example, speeding on residential streets, or in school zones, Complete a CPTED review of our neighbourhood